Elvis Presley Myths

There are many myths surrounding the memory of Elvis Presley. But which ones are true? Here you will find the answers to the questions about the late King of Rock-n-Roll.

Myth 1: Was Elvis a DEA Agent? - This particular myth coincides with another. It was no secret Elvis was interested in being a DEA agent. The desire to join was so great that he wrote a long letter to President Richard Nixon, who by the way didn't even know who Elvis was, listing his credentials in order to initiated into the club. Some believe he was made an official DEA agent which led to his sudden "disappearance" in 1977. However, the truth is, he was given an honorary badge. It couldn't be used for official DEA business, but he was still in a way part of the Drug Enforcement Association.

Myth 2: Did Elvis have a twin? - The answer is yes. However, his twin brother Jesse Garon was born stillborn. Elvis always missed his brother and always felt the that missing piece of him. I'm sure that's true for anyone who has lost their twin brother or sister.

Myth 3: Was Elvis discovered while making a record for his mom? - Those who were close to him knew he was extremely close to his mother. So, it wouldn't be out of character for him to make a record as a present to his mom. But the question is was he discovered while making said record? The answer is sort of. At the time, Sun Records was known to open its doors to anyone off the streets who wanted to make a record for a reasonable price. Elvis, who was working as a truck driver, summoned enough courage to walk in and pay $4 to record two songs for mom. Sam Philips, owner of Sun Records, wasn't even there at the time. He showed up about a week or so later, heard Elvis' recording and invited him back. The rest is history as they say.

Myth 4: Are Oprah and Elvis cousins? - This myth isn't surprising. Both are very influential people. But are they related? A genealogist traced both of their family trees back to a Mississippi town. It is believed that Oprah's ancestors were slaves owned by Elvis' ancestors. We all know that back in those days slave owners were known to have "relations" with their female slaves. If all the research is correct, it's entirely possible they are indeed cousins.

Myth 5: Was Elvis' hips censored on the Ed Sullivan Show? - If you were a musician, being on the Ed Sullivan Show was a must. Elvis knew this and made a request to be a guest. Unfortunately, it was denied. So, what was Elvis to do? He made them regret their decision by appearing on rival shows. Even Ed Sullivan and CBS couldn't overlook the amount of attention associated with Elvis. So, he negotiated with Elvis's manager and agreed to pay $50,000 for three appearances. Ed Sullivan and CBS came under pressure when Elvis was shown gyrating on stage during the second appearance. So, on the final one, his hips were censored. They shot him from the waist up.

Myth 6: Is Elvis still alive? - This one is the most popular of all the myths. It's so hard to believe that someone as famous as Elvis could die so suddenly. It left his fans in a state of shock. So much that evidence was collected to prove he faked his death. Some believe the body in the coffin was a wax figure and not Elvis and that because he was supposedly working with DEA agents, he had to go into the witness protection program. Another theory states Elvis's middle name was misspelled for a reason. The extra "A" in Aaron stands for "alive". However, those who attended the funeral and were close to him including his finacee Ginger Alden, who discovered him dead on his dressing room floor, swears he is indeed dead. However, short of exhuming his body and doing DNA tests, we may never know the truth to this myth.

Source: TV Land Myths & Legends


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