Ghost Hunters Tonight

First, allow me to say I’m pleased to see that Dave Tango was bumped up to investigator. I was beginning to wonder if his training stage was ever going to be over. Now, there’s a new trainee taking his place, Kris Williams. It looked like she did alright for her first two times out. You have to start somewhere, right?

Usually, TAPS goes in to disprove a haunting and that is exactly what was asked from them at Northern State Hospital in Sedro-Woolley, Washington. Unfortunately, after the investigation and all evidence analyzed, they had no choice but to deliver proof. They captured an EVP of a woman singing or humming in the attic, which Jason and Grant were both witnesses to and sort of backed-up eyewitness statements of a nurse being seen in there. Also, they had a video clip of a figure about 6ft tall or so walking slightly in front of a window I think and then back into the darkness. The figure was see-through so there wasn’t explanation for it. If someone kindly posts the clip of the evidence on YouTube or somewhere, I’ll add it here for you all to see.

Their next stop was the Underground Tunnels. In the late 1800s, Seattle burned down and they had constant floods. So, the decision was made to build New Seattle over the ruins of Old Seattle which became the Underground Tunnels and is now believed to be haunted. Several of the TAPS members had personal experiences. Steve and Kris were in the Prostitute Area and heard something like rocks or bricks being moved. Jason felt the hairs on his arm stand straight up which sort moved up his arm and became slightly painful. I can’t remember where they were exactly at, but Grant claimed he saw a full-body apparition. As for audio and video evidence, they didn’t really get anything except for a recording of the sound Steve and Kris heard. I guess it’s one of those places you have to investigate a few times before getting a full assessment of it. Maybe they will go back again sometime.

Next week’s investigations will be in San Francisco. They will be at The Presidio and I think some little baby store. Looks like it may be eventful. The mini-season will extend through November 11th. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait forever to see the next mini-season in the Spring. As for the live episode, I said I didn’t know if a celebrity would be participating this year. They have been running a contest, looking for the next Ghost Hunter. Well, it has been narrowed down to three and they will join TAPS at Waverly for the Halloween special. Then, it’ll be decided as to who will win the honored position and appear with TAPS in Season 4.


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