Tuen Mun Road

Picture this: you ignore the high gas prices and go for a relaxing drive. Instead of taking the same streets you've driven on many occasions, you venture down a new stretch of road. Your guard is down as you admire the beautiful scenery. Then, your eyes drift back to the road, spotting someone standing motionless within a few feet from your vehicle. Reacting quickly, you swerve to miss them, crashing into the ditch. Dazed, you exit your car to check on the other person. They are no where to be seen. Where did they go? Why were they standing in the middle of the road and refused to move? Could it been a ghost?

Those living in Hong Kong who has survived a scenario such as this would say yes. In 1977, a major expressway called Tuen Mun Road was built to connect Tuen Mun with Tsuen Wang. Due to narrow carriageways and substandard geometry, the road has become more of a hazard than anything. With the numerous traffic accidents and casualties it's not surprising Tuen Mun Road is believed to be haunted. Many witnesses claim ghosts tend to "pop up in the middle of the road". Some even went on to say they have suddenly lost control of their vehicles for no obvious reason.

I don't know what's scarier: having an accident due to poor road construction or a ghost trying to play peek-a-boo.

Sources: Now Public and Wikipedia


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