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The first day of Autumn may be on Sunday, but some of your favorite shows, new and old, are already premiering new episodes. So, what's on the Fall schedule for paranormal enthusiasts?

Ghost Hunters is returning on Wednesday, September 26, 2007 with the first episode of the new season. They made us wait for the last six episodes of the last season, but we won't have to this time. Remember there will be another live show on Halloween which will wrap-up Sci-Fi's 13 Days of Halloween marathon. This year they are investigating Waverly Hills for a second time. Not sure who or if there will be a celebrity tagging along with them.

Last year, Destination Truth premiered with Josh Gates traveling all over the world investigating alleged sightings of mythical creatures. Well, a second season doesn't look real promising. Surprise. Surprise. The word around the Sci-Fi Channel forums is that its being replaced by another show called UFO Hunters, basically the same concept as Ghost Hunters except its about UFOs and aliens instead of ghosts. Cameras will follow the New York Strange Phenomena Investigators as they use the latest technology to lend some credit to reports of flying saucers and space people. I guess Destination Truth will join the rest of the one-hit TV shows.

If that's not enough reality TV for you then be sure to tune in on Friday, October 12th for the new reality show on Lifetime called the American Psychic Challenge. A group of psychics will compete to prove to skeptics and believers alike that they are indeed the real deal. American Psychic Challenge follows the premiere of the second season of Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead.

Speaking of reality competitions, remember Elvira, Mistress of the Dark? The Fox Reality Channel has put together a reality show looking for the next Elvira. Now, no one can replace the woman no matter how hard they try, but I bet it'll be interesting to see who all shows up to try. The Search for the Next Elvira will premiere sometime in October.

Last but not least, the third season, and hopefully not the last, of Supernatural airs on October 4th at 8pm central on the CW. I don't know about any of you all but I'm looking forward to seeing Jensen Ackles and all his finest.

Okay, couch potatoes avid TV watchers, you have plenty to keep you entertained this year.


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