Wander the Web Wednesday

I know it's a day late, but I wasn't up to posting yesterday. These are the rules:

The idea is to highlight 5 links that you feel would be new to other readers.

They can be daily reads, or personal favorites.

They may even just be something fun or freaky or just plain facinating that you stumbled into recently.

If you want to “play along” make a list on your site and link to it in 2 Witches Blog comments. They'd also appreciate a link back.

1. The Gender Genie - A fun site that analyzes a writing sample or a blog post to determine whether the author is male or female. The results can be surprising.

2. Prairie Ghosts - A site ran by Troy Taylor, author and founder of the American Ghost Society. It contains tons of information on the paranormal.

3. Paraseek.com - Searchable database of sites related to the paranormal.

4. Books for Soldiers - It's always good to help out the soldiers overseas. Apparently, books are on their lists of requests.

5. Moonslipper.com - just an interesting site to check out.


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