40 Years Have Gone By

It was 1967 when Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin filmed an alleged Sasquatch at Bluff Creek. After 40 years, the Bigfoot footage is still regarded as the most popular and controversial. Was it a hoax? Quite possibly.

While Gimlin had his doubts, Patterson was a believer. Many who knew him say he wasn't the most reliable. You add that to inconsistencies in stories (interviews printed in various magazines) and the fuzziness in the film could convince any skeptic of its invalidity. This wasn't some random outing where they just happen to spot the mythic creature. Patterson was filming a Bigfoot documentary. According to Grover Krantz, the two even agreed they should have shot the creature not just to silence naysayers, but also for financial gain. So, what would have stopped them from staging the whole thing?

New species of animals are discovered all the time. I believe it is possible some mythical creatures really do exist. Do you think the Patterson-Gimlin footage is proof Bigfoot exists?

Analysis by the North American Science Institute


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