The interesting thing about how this vampire-like creature in Australian Aborigine lore is not his appearance. Sure a four-feet tall red, hairy man-like creature with a rather large head, no teeth and octopus-like suckers on its fingers toes may turn a few heads, but I think its eating habits are a bit more strange.

A Yara-Ma-Yha-Who doesn't hunt for food. He patiently waits in a fig tree for food comes to him. He pounces on a person when they walk under the tree and sucks most of their blood with his suckers, leaving just enough to keep them alive. But this is only the beginning of its torturous methods. After a little workout, he returns to his victim and lies on the ground, facing them. Then, he crawls to them and swallows them whole like a snake and does a little dance to jiggle the body down to his stomach. The Yara-Ma-Yha-Who regurgitates his victim who is usually still alive. At this point it would be best if you just played dead.

He'll test to see if his victim is still alive: poke them with a stick, tickle them under the chin and arms, and even walk away and quickly turn around. If the victim is successful in convincing him they are dead, he'll walk away and watch his victim for a little while, but eventually seek a bush and fall asleep, giving them the opportunity to escape. However, if they fail, the regurgitation process continues many more times. After a certain amount of times, the victim is turned into a Yara-Ma-Yha_Who.




Anonymous said…
hahaha this story is halarius

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