Just a Reminder...

Ghost Hunters live Halloween special is on Wednesday. It'll be a 6 hour investigation of The Waverly Hills Sanatorium beginning at 8pm Central. They will be joined by Josh Gates from Destination Truth, Elijah Burke from ECW and the three finalists from the Ghost Hunters contest. Waverly is a pretty active place so it should be an interesting night.

If you missed the premiere of Ghost Adventures, don't worry you'll get another chance to see it. Ghost Adventures will air again on Wednesday at 1pm Central.

It's that time again. Horrorfest will be on November 9th to 18th. Eight new films released by After Dark Films will be shown in over 350 theaters. This years films are: The Deaths of Ian Stone, Nightmare Man, Crazy Eights, Unearthed, Borderland, Mulberry Street, Tooth and Nail and Lake Dead. Go to HorrorFest Online to purchase your tickets.

There won't be a question this week. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I didn't have the chance to post as many vampire lore as I would have liked. There will be a vampire post later today and two for the next two days as a way to make up for lost time. Enjoy.


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