In Haiti, it is the Loogaroo that inhabitants fear the most. These vampire-like witches are humans, especially old women, who make a deal with the Devil. They are to deliver large amounts of blood to a Devil Tree in exchange for magical powers.

During the day they appear as humans, but when night falls, they make their way to a silk-cotton tree a.k.a. the Devil Tree. They they removed their skin, carefully folding it up, and turn into a ball of fire and speed off doing their "business" until dawn.

While the Longaroo can slip through the tiniest hole, there is a way to defend yourself. They don't care for dogs which is probably why they tend molest animals. If you hear a dog barking, one might be near. Scatter rice and sand before a cabin and the Longaroo must stay and count every grain. Dawn will surprise them while doing such a task. If you happen to find their skin hidden in the bushes under a silk-cotton tree, you should pound it in a mortar with pepper and salt so the Longaroo can't take human shape again and dies.

Source: Monstropedia


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