It's a bright sunny day and you are walking about minding your own business. You have no regard for your fellow men and women's plans or motives, but you should that is if you lived during Ancient Rome. A commonly known vampire-witch called Strix or striges wandered about during those times.

During the day, they appeared as a human and could walk in the sunlight with no consequences. When night fell, she transformed into a screech owl or crow described has having huge talons, misshapen heads and breasts full of poisonous milk. Once her transformation was complete, she began her hunt for fresh new victims to satisfy her cravings for blood, livers and internal organs. Her preferred target.....children. She would lure them into her trap by offering them the poisoned milk. Of course, men weren't safe from her wrath either. It is believed a Strix would transform into a woman and have sexual intercourse with sleeping men to drain them of their life-force.

How do you keep the Strix away? You could appeal to the Goddess Carna to fight the evil vampire-witch for you that is if she decided to take up your cause or put a few branches of Hawthorne in your window. Hawthorne is considered as effective as garlic and the best material for making stakes.


Sheryl Nantus 



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