Ghost Hunters' Episode

Last night was an interesting episode. Below is a short synopsis of each location they investigated along with a clip, revealing the evidence they collected.

The Presidio

TAPS investigated the Presidio in San Francisco, California. In the 1770s, it was a Spanish fort until Mexico seized it. Twenty-four years later, it switched hands again and became a military base for the U.S. Army for over 148 years. Now, The Presidio is part of Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

One of the claims TAPS went in to investigate was that of a Spanish woman. Witnesses reported seeing and smelling her in a couple areas. Jason and Grant possibly traced the floral phantom smell associated with her to a janitor's closet. As for the visual reports, watch the clip and see if you think it's her.

Lullaby Lane

The second stop in San Francisco was a baby store called Lullaby Lane. Most of the claims were audio except for a chair in their office moving on its own. The owners were less interested in having evidence to back up their reports and more wanting to know if it was a valid employee named Jean responsible for it all.

TAPS was able to debunk the sounds of footsteps along with high EMFs as a possible reason for the chair moving. The duration of the night seemed pretty quiet. It wasn't until they analyzed the evidence when the realized it was anything but that. The owners wanted to find out if Jean was haunting their store. Watch the clip below to see and hear what they didn't expect.


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