Borneo Monster Pics Fake

It's official. Recent photos of the mythical giant snake Napau a.k.a. Borneo Monster are indeed fake. Online investigators managed to find the real photo minus the snake. Nathan Crawford, a Kansas librarian, used a reverse search engine. Turns out the photo is of the Congo River in Africa and not the Baleh River in Borneo.

The second photo of the Borneo monster is also a fake though I doubt there's anyone who would dispute that. The picture was created and entered in to a 2002 hoax contest (a reason why there really shouldn't be such contests). AOL included a poll with their Borneo Monster story. Fifty-five percent believed the images showed a 100-foot long snake (see what I mean about the contest thing).

Don't believe me? Check out what the others are saying: Scientific American, NunoXEI, BoingBoing


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