Lights Out

I'm a country girl from small-town America. The thought of gangs didn't have the same effect on us as The Phantom Killer did in the 1940s. This is not to say that every small town is safe in that regards. One urban legend that has floated around for quite some time is that of the "Gang Lights Initiation".

Like many urban legends, there are many variations to the story. The one highlighted in the movie Urban Legends consisted of the girls driving along with their headlights off. Then a car passing by was being courteous by flashing his own headlights to signal them. While he continued to drive on, the girls did a U-turn and raced after him, flashing their lights until the guy had a wreck and died. Other versions consist of the initiative to kill their "targets" by shooting them.

It's unclear what the origins of this urban legend is. Some believe it derives from a Hell's Angels initiation in Montana. Or possible a gang initiation in Memphis Tennessee. Circulations concerning this legend have been determined as all hoaxes. Seriously what gang would publicize their upcoming initiation procedures? This isn't to say there haven't been incidents similar to this legend: road rage, imitative shootings (non-gang related), and so on. My advice is to flash with caution.


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