Reminder Sunday

They are back! Ghost Hunters International wrapped up their season this week with an eventful investigation at Karosta Prison in Latvia. Now, the originals are coming back in to TV action this Wednesday, March 11. Their first investigation for season 5 takes place in.....the Betsy Ross House in Philadelphia, PA.

The Betsy Ross house was built in 1740. Betsy and her husband John never actually owned the house. They rented it to also be the site of their upholstery business between 1773-1786. During this time, she supposedly sewed the first American flag (this is a rumor not a fact. Learn more here) even though she did sell flags as a part of her business. In 1786, Betsy moved in with married daughter. Up until 1898, the property switched hands and was the site for several businesses. Then, the Betsy Ross Memorial Association acquired it.

After she died, Betsy was buried in the Free Quaker Burial Ground, but her remains were relocated to the courtyard of the Betsy Ross House. Many eye witnesses have reported seeing Betsy sitting at the end of the bed, crying. Others claim that the founder of the Ross Museum, Charles H Weisberger, haunts the basement along with a gift shop employee who was murdered at the location during a robbery. We will find out on Wednesday how accurate some of these reports are.

In other Sci-Fi news, Destination Truth has been picked up for a third season. Nine new episodes will be airing sometime in the Fall. While Josh can be a little annoying at times, I'm curious to see what other crazy stuff he does.


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