Edith Wharton Mansion

Edith Wharton was an American writer of novels and short stories including Crucial Instances, The House of Mirth and The Greater Inclination. The Age of Innocence won a Pulitzer Prize in 1921, the first female to win such an award. In 1902, she designed and built The Mount in Lenox, Massachusetts. Her and her husband Teddy used the mansion as a writing retreat. Unfortunately, the marriage didn't last as she pursued a love affair in France and Teddy became mentally unstable.

The Mount was also the hub for Shakespeare and Company, a theater troupe. It's now a museum dedicated to Edith Wharton. This location was chosen by TAPS for an investigation which will air on Wednesday. Several spirits are believed to reside here.

Edith herself has been seen reading. Her husband Teddy and a servant girl who may have lived in one of the rooms on the top floor are also active in the house. There are also reports of a well dressed man checking his pocket watch. This man is believed to be that of Edith's lover who lived briefly in The Mount.

Is it really haunted? We'll see what TAPS discovers on Wednesday. In the meantime, check out their website for more information on their upcoming Ghost Tours.


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