A Haunting in Connecticut

I'm sure the majority of you has seen the trailer for the new horror flick A Haunting in Connecticut. This movie is based on the experiences of the Snedeker family who lived in a former funeral parlor in 1980s. Their story was also featured on an episode of "A Haunting" on the Discovery channel. The current residents and their surrounding neighbors are being plagued by the film's fans who are taking time out of their busy schedules to view the famous house.

When the Snedeker family resided in the home, their son claimed to have heard noises in his basement bedroom which use to display caskets next to the embalming room. He also claimed to have seen shadows on the walls which belonged to no physical person. Their niece, while visiting, stated she felt hands on her body as she slept and the covers levitated off of her. While Carmen Snedeker was mopping one day, the water turned blood red with a fowl odor to boot. Crucifixes throughout the house disappeared.

Many believe their experiences was a hoax especially since the current owners have lived in the house for ten years without any disturbances. Do you think it has anything to do with Ed and Lorraine Warren's involvement? Lorraine claims there was an evil presence in it and experienced the haunting when she, Ed and their team basically moved in for a period of time. An exorcism was performed by a priest in 1988 which supposedly drove the evil presence out of the house. Ray Garton who wrote the first book on the hauntings stated in an interview with Ric Osuna he had to "make up" details of the story.

Was it a hoax? I don't know. I don't count out the possibility that it was once haunted and an exorcism cleared the house of any evil or whatever. There's suppose to be a new book coming out around the time the movie premieres written by Carmen Snedeker, John Zaffis and Chip Coffey. If this is true, it's certainly not going to quiet the skeptics. However, I do not advise anyone to visit the actual house. Susan Trotta-Smith and her family live there now. They aren't comfortable with people just showing up and trespassing on their property. I know you're curious but they have kids. They have a right to be concerned. Leave it alone.

EDIT: Saw the movie. It makes for a good horror film but would have been better if they had used more fact rather than fiction.


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