Blue Bell Hill

Blue Bell Hill is a chalk hill located between Maidstone and Rochester in Kent. During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, much of it was quarried for chalk and was also the site of several villages including Walderslade and Kit's Coty. The hill also has a few other famous features.

It contains one of the many prehistoric neolithic chamber tombs in England known as the Medway Megaliths, including Kit's Coty House and Countless Stones. Blue Bell Hill Dolmen is, unfortunately, now a lost member of this group.

A Roman temple was also located on the hill for a period of time. It is believed now a ghost girl walks the A229. In 1992 alone, three motorcists claimed to have ran over this girl. Some speculate this girl to be that of a bride-to-be who died as a result of a two-car collison in 1965. She was taken to a nearby hospital but her injuries were too severe. The young woman died five days later. Could she be the same girl motorists have been encountering?


Unknown said…
After reading Sean Tudor,s research on this topic i am more and more thinking that this haunting has been going on longer than we have been alive. The 1965crash was quite possibly caused by this entity. Perhaps it is the original ghost girl warning us that we should stay away from this road late at night! Or perhaps a melenovent spirit driven by the desire to throw herself in front of cars so trying to cause a crash, which might also explain why so many deaths from crashes have occured along this stretch. More investigation is needed on this.
Anonymous said…
after reading nicolas comment. i do believe more work is needed as it should go further why the ghost reappears at night, and why its a girl running infront of cars. in 1965 the crash seemed quite serious and horrible. anyway they should search more land on bluebell hill instead of where the girl disappeared and find out where her hide out is and where she appears from... more investigation is needed. from charlotte
Anonymous said…
This is a life reason why you should not be in. The middle of the road anyone agree but it is sad
Unknown said…
hello , iam an actor/ producer from rochester,kent doing a documentary on the ghost and the events before,leading to car crash and hauntings.can anybody help me with stories and research.i would like somebody speaking to the camera as i ask questions..or even just email or feedback on the ghost(s)..many thanks, sonya roseman

or add sonya flowerchild on fb quoting 'the ghost@bluebell hill.. cheers ..Sonny :0

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