Lily E. Gray Mystery Solved?

For years, people have flocked to the grave marker of Lily E. Gray. "Victim of the Beast 666"....what could it mean? Some researchers took it upon themselves to solve the mystery once and for all. One person may have found the answer.

Richelle Hawks dedicated the last few years to solving the riddle. She even set up a website, displaying her findings as her search progressed. Several tips Richelle had received suggested she view Elmer Gray's, Lilly's husband, Criminal Pardons Application. While before she had trouble viewing the document, it is now available online. It is this document which has led her to a simple conclusion.

It was Elmer's rants about the government and their so-called "involvement" with his first wife's death which may have led to the phrase "Victim of the Beast 666" being placed on Lilly's tombstone. He was her only surviving family member at the time of her death. Therefore, the responsibility was left up to him. Could the mystery be finally solved?

Read how Richelle came to this conclusion:


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