Mayor Calls in Reinforcements

You know something is up when a mayor calls for your help. Mayor Sue Lawson from Newtown, UK called up the Newtown Paranormal group when she sensed a presence at the Newtown’s Mayor’s Chambers and the Robert Owen Museum. They were more than happy to lend a helping hand.

The Mayor's Chambers was built in 1902 originally as a meeting room and library. Robert Owen was a social reformer who founded the Co-operative movement. He was born in Newtown in 1771 and is chiefly associated with New Lanark, A New View of Society, New Harmony and The New Moral World. He urged universal primary education and public works to solve unemployment. He bought New Harmony in Indiana as an experiment in co-operative which ended in failure. A man who dedicated so much to change deserves a little something to remember him by. The result is the Robert Owen Museum located in the former library.

Newtown Paranormal experienced cold spots. A man in a black waistcoat, black striped trousers and a tophat has been seen and allegedly identified as William Price. There are also reports of creaks and other sounds of movement. The staff have seen shadows throughout the building. The investigators also had trouble with equipment failures but managed to identify a "fear cage" in one confined area. Could Robert Owen be teaching social reform to a new group of people?


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