Ghost Hollow

An Elm tree once stood along the Cimarron River in Payne County, Oklahoma. In the 1800s, this tree served as the ideal spot for hangings. Legend goes in 1887 an innocent man was strung up on that Elm. The next day, all the bark mysteriously fell off of it. When the light of the moon shined on this bare tree, it glowed an eerie white color. Some say you could even see a body hanging from it.

The Elm remained standing for many years but has since been chapped down. We'll never know if it's alleged "glowing" was due to the natural occurrence of the moonlight hitting a bare tree or something more paranormal. However, visitors still claim to get a "creepy" feeling at Ghost Hollow.


Anonymous said…
Actually years ago, there were two trees that were in that spot.. Growing up, we always called them the "kissing trees" as they grew entwined with one another. They were heavily vandalized by area kids and at one time were even burned. One ended up falling down due to an ice storm and the other rotted and now nothing remains. The tree would appear white, but that due to the lack of bark and the white appearance of the dead tree. Definitely a creepy spot tho.. you constantly feel as though you are being watched.
Anonymous said…
Many people actually live down ghost hollow rd near the site of the "hanging tree". Growing up I have always heard different variations to this tale. I also partied and hung out with friends in ghost hallow and near the tree many times. Never once did anything close to scary occur..... Yes, people were hung there but i honestly do NOT think it is haunted. I bet those that reside there would agree.

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