"Death is no more than passing from one room into another." – HELEN KELLER

Myspace Teen Ghost

Myspace has gotten a lot of bad press thanks to pedophiles, gangs, etc. This urban legend ranks pretty low on the list. A story began circulating late last year about a girl who died in a sewer. The story included a warning. If you didn't repost this story on Myspace, the ghost of this girl would kill you. Of course, this one is not true.

What supposedly happened was a girl named either Carmen or Jessica was pushed down a sewer by five girls in her school. The purpose was to embarrass the girl, but instead, she broke her neck on the ladder and her side on the concrete bottom. The five girls told police that she fell and they believed them. If you didn't pass on the story, the ghost of the girl would come through the sewer, toilet, shower or whatever and get you or if you were sleeping, you would wake up in the sewer. Then, she would kill you by breaking your neck and peel skin off your face.

Snopes did a search and found no record of any teen girl dying in such a manner anywhere in the U.S. It was determined that this was nothing but a chain letter. I can kind of see why some may take this seriously because five teen girls pushing another one down a sewer to humiliate her and then take no blame for it sounds like something teen girls would do unfortunately.

I signed up for Myspace in January and I haven't gotten this one yet. However, if you are a member and your receive this, remember it's not real, it never happened and just delete it.

Source: Snopes

GS Question of the Week

Do you own a Quija board? If so, what kind of experiences have you had while using it?

Hampton Court Ghost

The Reality of Mythical Creatures

A new exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History is set to open this weekend. It's called the Mythic Creatures: Dragons, Unicorns & Mermaids and the exhibition traces the possible origins of some of the world’s most famous “imaginary” beasts and also their lesser-known counterparts. It deftly combines nature and myth, paleontology and anthropology, and models of mythical creatures with real fossils.

Once upon a time, Christopher Columbus reported seeing three mermaids while sailing near Haiti in 1493. However, when he approached them, he wrote this in his journal "not as pretty as they are depicted for somehow in the face they look like men". Many scientists believe Columbus saw a manatee. In the new exhibit, visitors can digitally superimpose the picture of a mermaid atop that of a manatee and see how Columbus and countless other sailors might have been fooled.

When first entering, you are greeted by a 17-foot-long green dragon, a creature that legend says Saint George slew. In the mythical water-creatures section, large tentacles and the head of a giant squid-inspired kraken rise from the floor, its body mostly hidden. Visitors can touch a real narwhal tusk, which for centuries many Europeans accepted as proof of the unicorn’s existence. Or glimpse the beaked skull of a protoceratop dinosaur, one of the fossil animals that practically litter the Gobi Desert even today, and which traders long ago might have mistaken for the remains of a griffin.

The exhibition is also a rich source of mythical creatures’ trivia. Visitors can learn, for example, that, according to Marco Polo, Genghis Khan possessed the feather of a Roc—a mythical giant bird said to dine on elephants—but that Polo’s translator, Sir Henry Yule, suspected the feather was only a palm-tree frond.

All the confusion between what is fact and what is fiction with the creatures of myth are cleared up in this exhibition, but if you plan to go, you better do so before the year ends. This exhibit is only open from May 26th to Jan. 6th.

Source: Live Science

The Baketan Ghost Detector

Of all the equipment used to investigate ghosts, this one is a new one for me. I was surfing blogs one day and came across this one blog called Cutie Gadgets. Featured on the site at the time was a gadget called the Baketan Ghost Detector or Ghost Radar. This device was developed by a company in Japan. Apparently, it's very popular there.

How it works is when you are in a supposedly haunted place, you press the button. If it blinks three times and stops then there are no ghosts present. However, if it blinks red and makes a noise then there is a ghost somewhere near you.

I'm not sure if this thing actually works. The blog stated that it was tested at a haunted place in Japan and that it indeed does work. It looks like a fashion accessory to me. Considering, it comes in a small size and can decorate your mobile phone, I guess I'm not too far off.

After doing a Google search, I found an article on Associated Content, listing eight reasons why you shouldn't buy this product. All of them are very valid reasons. I think that this item is fine as a cell phone accessory but not as something you should hunt ghosts with.

What are your views on this little invention?

Source/photo: Cutie Gadget

GS Question of the Week

Stacey Jones, founder of Central New York Ghost Hunters, sent an open letter to I'm assuming Stephen Wagner from the paranormal section of She brought up an interesting question about gathering EVPs. I thought I would post it here to get your thoughts.

Do you think that paranormal investigators should follow a protocol when gathering EVP evidence (any evidence for that matter) and, if so, what do you think this protocol should contain?

The Curse of James Dean's Car

James Dean was like the Colin Farrel of his day. He was an up-and-coming actor whose life was cut short. Dean bought a silver 1955 Porsche Spyder in 1955. His friends Alec Guiness and George Barris both felt the purchase was not a good idea and tried to talk him into getting rid of it. However, Dean was attracted to the car and didn't care.

On September 30, 1955, he planned to race his Spyder in a sports car race in Salinas, California. Dean was intending to trailer the car until the meeting point in Salinas, but at the last minute, decided to drive it in order to further familiarize himself with the car. At 3:30PM, he was ticketed for speeding as well as the driver of his new Ford. He left the Ford behind and later made his way onto Highway 466.

A 1950 Ford Tudor driven by Donald Turnupseed was heading in the opposite direction. Turnupseed attempted to take the fork on California State Route 41 crossing into his lane without seeing Dean. The two cars collided almost head on. Turnupseed received a gashed forehead and bruised nose, but Dean wasn't so lucky. He died on the way to the hospital. Despite many reports, evidence supports the fact that Dean was not speeding at the time of the accident.

This story is on the abnormal radar because some say that there is a curse on the 1955 Porsche 550 Spyder and all its parts. Dean's friend and legendary Hot Rodder George Barris bought the car for $2,500 intending to use it for spare parts. Unfortunately, it slipped off its' trailer and broke a mechanic's leg.

Soon afterwards, Barris sold the engine and drive-train to physicians Troy McHenry and William Eschrid respectively. While racing against each other, the former would be killed instantly when his vehicle spun out of control and crashed into a tree, while the latter would be seriously injured when his vehicle rolled over while going into a curve.

Barris later sold two tires. Unharmed in Dean's accident, they blew up simultaneously causing the buyer's automobile to go off the road. Two young thieves were injured while attempting to steal parts from the car. One thieves' arm ripped open on a piece of jagged metal while trying to steel the steering wheel. Later, another man was injured while trying to steal the bloodstained front seat. This would be the final straw for Barris. He decided to store the car away, but was quickly persuaded by the California Highway Patrol to loan the wrecked car in a highway safety exhibit.

The first exhibit from the CHP featuring the car ended unsuccessfully. The garage which stored the Spyder went up in flames, destroying everything except the car itself. The second display, at a Sacramento High School, ended when the car fell, breaking a student's hip. The car also found itself causing trouble while being transported several times. On its way to Salinas, the truck containing the vehicle lost control, causing the driver to fall out and be crushed by the Porsche when it fell off the back. On two separate occasions, once on a freeway and again in Oregon, the car came off other trucks. Despite a shattered windshield in Oregon, no injuries were reported.

Its last use in a CHP exhibit was in 1959. the car was on display when for no reason it suddenly collapsed into 11 pieces. In 1960, while being transported to George Barris in Los Angeles, California, the car mysteriously vanished. It has not been seen since.

Source: Wikipedia

Paranormal TV

Well it's official. CW's Supernatural will be back for a third season. I watched part one of the season finale last week and unless there is some miracle taking place on tonights, I'm not sure how they'll explain Sam dying on the next season. Maybe another deal will be made with the demon. Who knows.

Medium will also be back for a fourth season.

Ghost Hunters return on June 6th with six new episodes. Their next investigation will be of some kind of Irish Ruins (couldn't find out anymore than that). It will also be back for a fourth season.

It seems we won't be going through paranormal TV withdrawals anytime soon.

EDIT: I forgot to mention. There is the Verizon Wireless Supernatural 6 on Route 66 Road Trip TXT2WIN contest in progress right now. The winner and five of their friends will visit the nations spookiest and oddest landmarks along Route 66 along with a fully loaded V CAST phone. You can also win 1 out of 50 Supernatural box sets.

You can visit the website for all the details and to enter (you can txt "WIN" to 3339 to enter as well). Contest ends on May 31st.

Mystery of Gravity Anomaly Solved

A mysterious gravity dip in the Hudson Bay, Canada area has been a weighty topic for scientists for years. Now satellite data reveal a thick ice sheet that once cloaked the region partially resolves this so-called gravitational anomaly. Reported in the May 11 issue of the journal Science, the new results provide a crude map of the ice sheet's structure as it was during the last ice age. The melted ice left behind an imprint from which the Earth is still rebounding, and that imprint contributes to the weird gravity.

Past studies have searched endlessly for the missing gravity, but according to one explanation, convection within the Earth's mantle tows the continental plate downward. The problem with this theory is that such a process occurs on the order of a million years or so and wouldn't show up in the GRACE measurements as they detect only geologically "quick" gravity changes on the order of years.

Another theory blames the anomalous gravity on glacial rebounding, which occurs on much shorter time scales. During the Ice Age, the two-mile-thick Laurentide Ice Sheet stretched from the Arctic down through eastern Canada to the northern half of the Midwestern United States, spanning 5 million square miles. The massive sheet pressed down on the Earth, deforming the crust somewhat like a Sumo wrestler on a trampoline surface.

Even though the ice has all but vanished, the Earth still feels the burden and like a slowly rebounding memory-foam pillow, it has yet to snap back to its ice-free shape. The gravity measurements reveal that the slight deformation could explain about 25 to 45 percent of the unusually low gravity that has persisted over a large section of Canada.

The rest of the "missing gravity" can be explained by some sort of mantle tugging, the scientists say.

This new discovery will help scientists ice-sheet dynamics and how climate affects the mass and distribution of ice over the Earth.

Source: Live Science via AOL News

GS Question of the Week

If you shared your paranormal experience with a reporter from a local newspaper and they presented the information in a negative way or left out certain important pieces of information, would you sue the newspaper? Why?

Marfa Lights

The Marfa lights or the Marfa Mystery Lights are unexplained lights (known as "ghost lights") usually seen near U.S. Route 67 on Mitchell Flat east of Marfa, Texas. The first confirmed report of the Marfa Lights dates to a 1957 magazine article. Earlier oral reports of the Marfa Lights have been attributed to Robert Reed Ellison in 1883. Mr. Ellison told his family about what he saw, but there have been no written accounts of the Marfa Lights before the 1950s.

Skeptics believe they are fake designed to attract tourists. Others say they are nothing but car lights or a mirage. I think that carlights may explain some reports but not all. I believe they are a natural occurrence. The above video clip from YouTube was filmed 1.5 miles outside the Marfa, TX city limits. You'll hear train and car sounds but they are behind the camera not in front. Decide for yourself what you think they are.

The Ark, The Shroud and Mary

A New Book and Documentary Places the Shroud of Turin Back into the First Century AD
Author to tour in Sydney, Australia 26th May - 4th June

"sure to ignite a firestorm of controversy "

The new book and DVD, The Ark, The Shroud and Mary by best selling author Philip Gardiner places the Shroud back into the first century AD and explains how it was made. Using cutting edge science and the latest information on quantum physics, Gardiner explains how the individual whose image the Shroud represents was in an extreme state of euphoria brought on by intense beating and near death experience, which caused neutrons to escape atoms and hence causing neutron radiation burns on the linen. With the added implication of anointing fluid the radiation was magnified and affected the carbon dating of the 1980's.

But, that was not all. Gardiner wanted to know who the man was and, as he explains in the book, he ran into some remarkable new evidence in a secret meeting in Portugal with an ancient Brotherhood. This evidence points to the existence of the Knights Templar or warrior monks over 1000 years prior to the established beliefs and it was this dual Brotherhood - the warriors and the pure ones - who formed the biblical tales and recreated the Ark of God - the presence of the Divine - within the Shroud itself. Gardiner's trail leads him through Egypt, Ethiopia, Jerusalem and even India as he works through the facts and fables of the Ark of the Covenant and the myths of Mary.

Establishing the date for the Shroud of Turin
Revealing how it was made
Uncovering the Ark of the Covenant today
Bringing an ancient Brotherhood
into the spot light
Describing the ancient and sacred truths that spawned
their existence
The Ark, The Shroud and Mary is a work of profound importance for people of all faiths or none and has already sparked a debate of intensity.

"I will never read the Bible or see the Shroud in the same way again - simply mind blowing."Rev. John Sinclair, Prague

"I was stunned that this writer can reveal these secrets and get them into the marketplace in the USA. Somebody is asleep at the switch of censorship and surely this magnum opus will not be overlooked for long. Once the word is out this book will be banned, burned, and/or buried in the vaults of the Vatican again! Read the most comprehensive manuscript on hidden knowledge since the Dead Sea Scrolls were released decades ago; yet sure to ignite a firestorm of controversy in orthodox circles, too, as well as a celebration of consciousness in unorthodox ones. This is such a marvelous time to be alive on planet earth when the truth is sweeping the lies clean as if it were a flood of biblical proportions!" Dr. John Jay Harper is author of the bestseller Tranceformers: Shamans of the 21st Century

The DVD is released by Reality Films, part of Reality Entertainment and along with the book will be available across the internet stores and distributed throughout Barnes and Noble with front of store placement. For more information call USA 866 585 1355 toll free or email The authors website is

The author is in Sydney, Australia 26th May - 4th June and will be available for radio and TV. To book email Diane Harrison on

Blog Announcement

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This is an excellent opportunity. I get visibility and exposure on major news and portal sites which leads to new readers. As an added bonus, there are monetary rewards ranging from $50 - $1,500 for top bloggers each year.

Of course, I didn't start blogging for the readers or money, but as a writer, the exposure is a plus.


We grow up thinking that the only way a soul leaves a body is when it dies. That may not be entirely true. The term "Walk-in" was coined by American journalist and Christian psychic Ruth Montgomery. However, the walk-in experience has existed long before in ancient Hinduism.

During a walk-in experience, two individual souls agree to switch places. The first soul has gone as far as it can in its development and is ready to move on. The soul that has taken its place will serve in a different capacity than before. Normally, permission has been granted in order for this to take place. The other soul continues on its journey, either to be together with a loved one or be sent to another place to continue learning. They will at this point in time not be back here. Another way to call the experience is soul transference.

For a soul to come into these bodies, the soul which is already there has to want to leave. For many people, that is a wise decision. The body may be maimed in a horrible way through car accidents or other terrible events, or the person may be on the verge of suicide or actually try to kill themselves. These are the kinds of bodies the new 'soul' takes over to nourish and use to do their earthly work.

Walk-ins comes into an older body and takes over the memories of the body, bypassing all that school learning. Sometimes that's a good thing, but its hard at the same time, because the body usually hasn't had the type of learning that the new 'soul' needs and relationships the body has had may not be of the type that the new 'soul' needs either and many walk-ins, if they are married, end up in divorce. Sometimes they don't even know the people in the family they come into and that's even more devastating on the walk-in.

Many walk-ins claim heightened psychic sensitivity and may take up work as New Age healers or ministers. Others claim inability to accomplish basic tasks of daily living. Clearly, at least for some, claiming a walk-in experience may have a number of secondary gains. In Ruth Montgomery's book Strangers Among Us noted her own walk-in experiences as well as some renowned figures such as Thomas Jefferson as having hosted walk-in spirits who actually wrote the Declaration of Independence.

Checklists to determine walk-in status include name changes, career changes, new interest in the study of psychic phenomena, a feeling that one is an alien, or a sudden desire to move to a new environment. Reported physical changes include memory loss and the sudden onset of allergic reactions. Since all of these factors could possibly be attributed to simple life changes such as adolescence or middle age, it's difficult to determine solely from such a checklist if a "true" walk-in has occurred. The most logical method might be to determine if any specific event historically connected with walk-ins (anaesthesia for surgery is one of the most common) occurred around the time one first started feeling differently. There is, however, no known scientific method to prove whether or not the walk-in experience has any objective reality, let alone how to determine if one has occurred.

Walk-in experiences are not regarded favorably by some religious groups and mental health professionals. Fundamentalist Christians denounce the walk-in idea as being connected with the occult. George Ganaway and other psychiatrists have written papers and given presentations reflecting their belief that all of these experiences, from traditional walk-ins to the New Age variety up to and including cooperative healthy multiples are mere attention-seeking and/or play-acting, or at best a "metaphor of distress" to express something the client feels is wrong, or somehow different from usual, but is having trouble describing.

Do you believe the walk-in experience is real or just a way to describe unexplainable behavior?

Source: Wikipedia and Dreams of the Great Earth Changes

GS Question of the Week

Do you know what a "walk-in" is? If so, explain.

¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

I remember the Cinco de Mayo celebrations at my high school every year. They were so much fun. We made decorations, brought food from home and most importantly got out of class. Even though we were able to celebrate this day, we weren't told much about it. The most common myth about Cinco de Mayo is Mexican Independence Day. Not true.

On May 5th, 1862, the Mexican army with only 4,000 soldiers defeated the better equipped French army of 8,000 at the Battle of Puebla. Under orders of Emperor Napoleon III, the French government sent along diplomats and armed soldiers under the pretext of collecting debts from Mexico. Keep in mind, Mexico was only beginning to recover from the Mexican Civil War of 1858. However, under the leadership of Archduke Maximillan of Austria, the force landed in Vera Cruz and made its way towards the Mexican capital – Mexico City.

Benito Juarez, President of Mexico, was taken by surprise but quickly assembled his troops under the command of General Ignacio Zaragoza Seguin. Upon the approach of the French army towards Puebla, Zaragosa dispatched Colonel Porfirio Diaz to lead the cavalry to flank the approaching men. This was the first blunder of the day for the French. They sent their own cavalry to meet the Mexicans, who knew the land and were much better fighters on horseback. They slaughtered the French cavalry with little losses to their own men, but the French still forged ahead and decided to attack the city. That was their second mistake. The Mexican army sent large numbers of cattle stampeding around the city to make the grounds around the city (already wet by heavy rainfall) hard to walk on – especially when walking towards enemy defenders. The French was defeated.

Did this victory help Mexico win the war? Unfortunately not. Emperor Napoleon countered by sending 30,000 more troops into action and took control of Mexico. Maximilian ruled Mexico for the next four years.

The Mexican holiday garnered a big following in the United States after the Chicano student movement in the late 1960s. The holiday eventually was embraced by others in the southwest United States, then spread throughout the rest of the nation. Non-Mexican Americans often observe the holiday in much the same manner that non-Irish Americans observe St. Patrick’s Day, with holiday-themed parties.

¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

Sources: and

Save One Show Results

In March, I reported about E! Online's Save One Show campaign. The results were posted a few weeks ago and the winner is.....Gilmore Girls (too bad they announced today the show had been canceled). This year they decided instead of trying to save one show they were going to save two. Veronica Mars came in a close second and therefore earned that second spot.

Out of seventeen shows, Supernatural came in 4th place with 413,014 votes. Medium came in twelfth place but six more scripts were ordered. It's still uncertain on whether or not Supernatural will be back for a third season. After seeing the previews for the season finale, they may have to come up with something pretty creative if it does return.

I guess we will find out what the network is going to do in a couple of weeks.

Has Jack The Ripper Finally been Identified?

The true identity of Jack the Ripper has eluded everyone for over a century. Is it possible that someone has finally solved the mystery? A South African historian claims he may have cracked the case.

Charles van Onselen, an acclaimed biographer who specializes in South Africa's criminal history, spent nearly three decades researching his book "The Fox and The Flies: The World of Joseph Silver". The book has made much of Silver being Jack the Ripper, the notorious Victorian serial killer who murdered at least five East London prostitutes in 1888, using the 25th chapter to make his case.

What evidence does van Onselen have that Joseph Silver was Jack the Ripper? First, Silver was in Whitechapel at the time of the Ripper murders for the birth of his daughter. As pimp and brothel keeper, Silver would have been familiar with the prostitutes working in the area. Jack the Ripper was known to write brazen letters to the papers. Silver was litigious, wrote bold letters to newspapers and had an array of mocking aliases. He also had bitter, violent relationships with women all his life.

Like "Ripperologists", I'm not totally convinced that Joseph Silver could be Jack the Ripper but I think it is a possibility. The evidence van Onselen has presented is all circumstantial. Even though people particularly in the United States are convicted of crimes solely on circumstantial evidence all the time, I think it is going to take some real hard proof before this killer is ever unmasked.

EVPS - Villisca Axe Murder House

This is a clip of three EVPs recorded at the Villisca House by the Paranormal Research & Investigative Studies Midwest group during a May 2005 investigation. They were all recorded in the second floor children's bedroom: the first two in May and the third in September.

Two of the EVPs seem quite innocent. Just kid(s) talking but I have to say the second one was a bit disturbing. Click here for the story about what happened in this house.

The Bawdy under the Bed

Urban Legend - After repeatedly complaining about the smell in their room, a couple staying in a hotel discovers the body of a murdered girl under their bed.

Can you imagine checking into a hotel while vacationing or after a long drive and discovering that foul smell present in your room is actually a decomposing body under the bed? It's unsure exactly which true account this legend derived from but more than likely it's true. This is a situation that happens more often than we would like to admit.

As time passes, details are always fudged. Most often the "Bawdy under the Bed" legend is usually set in Las Vegas with a man in the hotel room with questionable company. I guess that makes for a more scandalous story than a Beaver Clever type family finding a dead body in a small town motel. Allow me to venture into the actual tales of these gruesome discoveries.

In July 1996, a woman's body was found under a mattress in the Colorado Boulevard Travelodge in Pasadena, CA. The hotel staff discovered her ten days after her demise due to complaints made by guest about the smell.

In Mineola, New York in 1988, the body of 29-year-old Mary Jean DeOliviera was found in a box spring at the Oceanside Motel. Again, the body was discovered days later and only after guests complained about the smell. At least two other guests cohabited with the body before it was found and at least one refused to stay in that room because of the smell.

The moral in these stories is if you smell something awful in your hotel room have the staff find the source as soon as possible. I don't know how some people could stay in a room that smells so bad without contacting someone.

Source: Snopes
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