Apsley House

What can be more frustrating than having a rowdy spirit in your business establishment? How about one giving away drinks for free? An UK pub called Apsley House in Southsea, Hampshire is precisely having that problem.

The pub was once a Victorian girls school. Then, later, used as offices by the city council. The building was then turned in to a pub in the 1960s. The resident poltergeist was nicknamed “Reedy” after the legendary actor and drinker Oliver Reed. Janice and Patrick McCormack took ownership of the pub a decade ago but the free refills problem didn’t begin until the beginning of this year. Whenever a customer visits the restroom or puts their drink down for a second, they turn to find an extra inch of beer.

The owners are happy their little bar is attracting new customers. Not so much that its people hoping to get the free beer. Even more so because it is costing them money. Their frustrations have pushed them to hold a séance and attempt to exorcise the ghost from Apsley House.


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