Reader Submission - Garage Man Of Marysville Part II

Part I

Equipment used during this investigation: K2 Readers, EMF Readers, temperature gauges, digital audio recorders, digital video cameras, pendulum, dowsing rods.

Tammy picked up on three EVPs inside the home. Questions asked: “Can we help you?” “Are you here?” “Do you like it here?” A male’s voice all three times answers “yes”.

Cold spot located in the garage via a temperature gauge. Kathy feels her right arm pinched and later raked by fingernails. Robert feels a slight brush against the hairs of his arm. Tammy sees a flash of light around Renee’s legs while they sit in the living room.

We conducted a total of 2 investigative sessions that lasted two hours, with Yana and Donna Jackson falling into the role of lead investigators. We analyzed all collected evidence in front of Devon the occupant and the news crews. We ended the investigation with a séance using Donna Jackson’s spirit box.

Spirit Box/Séance Results:

Spirit Box says my name. It also says Devon ’s name as clear as a bell. I asked how it died. It says ‘heart attack’. At some point we did an experimentation and asked if Michael Jackson was in the home and Michael Jackson’s music came on. I asked to hear Michael Jackson’s voice and his voice came on. The Spirit Box indicated many songs and words of love to Devon, so it appears that if there is a male presence in this home, it loves Devon . There was also Spanish dialect spoken as answers to our questions. This is another classic ‘Casper Haunting’. The occupant has nothing to fear from the entity, because the entity is benevolent.

During our investigative sessions we went to Tammy Straling’s home. We had a HPI potluck that consisted of lasagna, fried chicken, apple pie, French bread, cakes, pasta salads, sodas. It was nice to take a break from the investigation and eat and socialize with my HPI family.

When I was headed for Marysville one of my HPI car magnet signs flew off on I-5 and Laguna Blvd , so if any of you truckers find it alongside the freeway, give me a ring okay? Damn signs, they don’t have the magnetic capabilities like they used to!

When Tammy Straling returned back to her home after the investigation she found her deceased brother’s renaissance faire swords moved into the middle of the living room. A few days ago, she had found a heart picture frame moved and the glass to this frame was shattered. When Tammy saw her deceased brother Frederick’s swords moved, Kathy took a picture and there was a bright shiny orb in the photo. Kathy’s batteries to her camera instantly died after that. Renee Martine walks into Tammy’s bedroom and actually sees Frederick sitting on the corner of Tammy’s bed. If you ask me if we will be investigating Tammy’s home soon, the answer of course is ‘yes’.


Various EVPs that were captured and will be analyzed further. Shadow and orb anomalies in photographs. Spirit box with concise answers to questions asked, perhaps a coincidence, I am not sure. Results: Pending.


All indications are that this home has unusual activity. Is it paranormal? Further analysis is warranted.

Below you will find HPI News and HPI Updates!


I want to thank paranormal investigators Lisa Holt and David Mace for their research on the Pioneer Case. Below is information that David Mace has discovered that seems like a perfect match for our investigation in Pioneer:

Female Child Murdered in Pioneer
Name: Ilana Michelle Sargent
Birth Date: 29 Sep 1975
Birthplace: California
Death Date: 21 Nov 1980


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