All Night Long

I would like to welcome my new renter for the week, First of all, I have to give some major props for the template. It's quite beautiful. I do some blog surfing on a occasion and I often see blogs with custom templates. One day I hope to be able to afford one for here but until then I'm perfectly contempt with the one I have. Caz does some pretty cool templates which are all available to download for free.

As I was saying before I got off track, is basically a nice personal blog: pictures of the pets (her dog Wolfie is soo cute) to her daily encounters. She has a small contest going on at the moment. Fifty BlogExplosion credits for writing a short but informative intro for her "About" section on the sidebar. Yeah, it's not much, but it's a chance to win fifty credits more than you had before, right?

The one post that particularly caught my eye was in regards to her experience with a seance. I'm totally on the fence about séances. Yeah, they can easily be faked and have been which is one of the negative aspects of the paranormal. Some people, past and present, use the unknown for financial gain which I hate because it affects the legitimacy of the whole field. Plus, some paranormal investigators state that with séances you're inviting trouble while others say that if done right, you should be fine.

However, my renter seems to have had some pretty interesting experiences with the séances she was involved in especially since it didn't take place on Halloween. Obviously most people choose that day for such a ceremony and for all I know her and her group may have done another then too. Check her site out to read further about her eventful night. While you are at it, take a look at my three other bidders blogs: Women Diary, My Quest to Make Money on the Internet and Tom Jackson Online.

One last thing, the next installment of Ghostly 13 will be on Tuesday for those who would like to participate. "Did Ya Know Friday" will be posted later on today.


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