Reader Submission - Spirits and Tarot

My renter B from has written a nice piece on spirits and tarot. Be sure and check out her site to learn more about her.

First I want to thank Andrea for renting to me. I'm a huge fan of this blog and try to check it out on a regular basis.

I'm going to take the time to explain some things that I think everyone who's interested in spirits and tarot related things should know. Any person who truly has "the gift" will not charge a fee. Instead they will accept a gift. This gift could be anything from a candle to crystals. I'm lucky enough though to have a personal friend who is Wiccan and has the gift that she chooses to share with others. In all her years she has never accepted money for a tarot reading or for a seance.

Speaking of séances, you should never just get a group of friends together and do one for giggles. It's a very serious event and should be treated with respect. I would never do one on my own or without someone with experience. I've attended 4 of seances and each one is different. You must go in with an open mind though and expect anything to happen. Even if that something is nothing.

One thing to always remember though and I mentioned this before is respect. In reality you have no control on who might be trying to contact you and because of this respect is very important. You do not want to upset any spirits. I think another important part is to be with people you trust and take it as seriously as you do. One person goofing off can ruin it for everyone else. The group I take part with I trust 100%. If someone accidentally kicks the table they fess up to it, or if they move their chair and it makes a noise someone will say "Oh that was me." It's not always easy to tell the difference between an everyday noise and something a little more special.

I hope this helped some of you out but remember I'm no expert!


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