Peace Sign a Symbol of Satan?

A woman in Denver is facing a $25 a day fine for putting up a Christmas wreath with a peace sign because some residents not only say it is an anti-Iraq war protest but also a symbol of Satan. I can understand it being seen as an anti-war thing but a symbol of Satan? When did the peace sign become a symbol of Satan? Am I the only one confused by this?

Lisa Jensen claims that she wasn't thinking about the war when she hung the wreath. She was a past president of the Loma Linda Homeowners Association in Pagosa Springs and doubts that she will have to pay $1,000 to keep the wreath up. However, she says she won't take it down until after Christmas. "Now that it has come to this I feel I can't get bullied," she said. "What if they don't like my Santa Claus?" If it were me, I would keep the wreath up and pay the fine.

Three or four residents, some of which have children serving in Iraq, feel they are offended by the wreath. The subdivision's rules say no signs, billboards or advertising are permitted without the consent of the architectural control committee. Bob Kearns, current association president, ordered the committee to require Jensen to remove the wreath, but members refused after concluding that it was merely a seasonal symbol that didn't say anything. So, what did Kearns do? He fired all five committee members. It seems Bob Kearns had a problem with it too.

It's stories like this that make me glad I don't live in a subdivision.

Source and Photo: Associated Press

Update: The Homeowners Association has withdrawn its threat of a daily fine and request for the wreath's removal. They apologized, calling it a misunderstanding.


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