Spooky Roomie

Say hello to my new renter for this week: Sue Darroch and Matthew Didier from The Paranormal Blog. I first discovered this blog surfing on BlogMad and it certainly is not a disappointing read.

The Paranormal Blog is very much similar to this one except Sue and Matthew are paranormal investigator/researchers and I am not. My interest in this subject has only run for the last couple of years. I have mad respect for this two who have dedicated twenty years of their lives to it. They have founded and/or involved in several groups including Paranormal Studies and Investigations Canada, Pararesearchers and The Toronto Ghosts and Hauntings Research Society.

As said before, our blogs are not much different. You'll expect to find the same content as you would here and more. They have extended much generosity to my blog and I am happy to return the favor. Be sure and check out The Paranormal Blog.

Sue, a part of the renting package is the option of a guest post. If y'all would like to, you can e-mail me your post at paranormal_stories2004 @ yahoo.com (without the spaces) and it'll be posted on Saturday.

I would also like to give a brief mention to the five other blogs who bid for the space. Sorry you weren't picked this time, but don't let that keep you from trying again. They are: I Will Not Eat The Darkness, Women Diary, All-Night.org, About Simple Ways and Dragons Omen.


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