Dead Silence

If you remember correctly, B from rented my blog a couple of weeks ago. Well she is back with another blog called Dead Silence. Practically everyone has some kind of general interest in serial killers. It's interesting how they think, why they choose to kill and even who they are.

Dead Silence provides information about the all-star killers from past and present as well as other high profile cases. Keep in mind, this blog seems fairly new but it holds much promise. This world is of no short killers. So, she has plenty of information to keep it going.

You may even discover a few you've never even heard of, not all serial killers make the front page, or maybe you know of one to share. There was one in my hometown of Texarkana in 1940s which the case is still unsolved 'til this day.

As an added bonus, she also touches base on various TV shows, books and movies that you may interest you too. The new show on Showtime called Dexter sounds like a definite must see. I mean a serial killer killing serial killers. Why wouldn't you want to see that? Of course, with any high profile case, books will follow. I'm sure you are aware of O.J. Simpson's book explaining how he would have committed the murders, if he did it. There is definitely money to be made concerning murders whether they did it or not.

If you have some free time, stop by Dead Silence. I would also like to thank my three other bidders: Pile of Dog Bones, The Lost Girls and lilfunky1: a unicycling materalistic minimalist.


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