Contest Winners

The winners of my 2nd Blogiversary contest are KizzyKim, B (my renter this past week) and Lori. Congratulations to you all!!

As you know, BlogExplosion only allows you to send so many credits to a single person within a seven day time period. I don't understand why. Seems kind of inconvenient to me, but oh well. I'm sure they have a reason for it.

Lori, I've sent you your prize. Enjoy them. Kizzy and B, I'm going to have to send yours via installments, but you will get what you won. I promise. You each received the first installment today. The next one will be on the day after Thanksgiving.

I'm saying goodbye to my renter, as her week expired today. I'm going to wait to put up an offer for my next renter until tomorrow night. Saturdays are guest posts days and it wouldn't be fair to someone who chooses to take advantage of it since they wouldn't be given a lot of time to do it. So the offer will be up tomorrow night and the person will be chosen on Sunday. Just FYI.

EDIT: You have to read this: Beauty Salon for the Dead.


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