Ghost Hunters Live

I don't do a lot of ranting here, but considering the subject, I think I'll make an exception. Last night was Ghost Hunters first live show, six hours long. I had every intentions of watching the entire thing. However, my satellite provider had something else in mind.

Four hours into the program, Direct TV barred me from seeing the Sci-Fi Channel. So, I was unable to see the last two hours, actually I caught the last five minutes. I don't know why it did that, but it did. I'm sure they will probably re-air it sooner or later, but a live show isn't the same unless you get to see it when it is live. It's frustrating, but oh well.

As for the show itself, it was pretty good from what I saw. I was half expecting it to be like Most Haunted not as in the constant "I see this" and "I heard that" from TAPS, but from the viewers. However, they didn't have webcams set up in several rooms which I feel is a good thing. I hope that if they decide to do this again, they won't resort to that.

Some of the things that viewers claimed they saw, I actually saw too. Someone said they saw some kind of white ghost thing behind Tango when they were in either the Ballroom or the Billard Room. I saw that too, actually twice. It was a quick flash and I thought it was maybe a reflection or had something to do with the camera. I think I saw something similar to that later on, I can't remember where, at the bottom of the screen. It was white and it moved pretty fast. The voices in tunnel were pretty cool too.

I can't wait until next week to see what they caught on their equipment.

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