Guess What Today Is?!?!?

Okay, I'm just going to tell you. Today is...(drum roll please)........Ghost Stories 2nd Blogiversary!!!!! It was two years ago on this day that I began this blog and I'm very proud of it. I had planned on doing this big celebration, but unfortunately, do to circumstances beyond my control, that won't be happening.

So, this is what I'm going to do. First, I'm going to give away 1,000 BlogExplosion credits to the first person to leave a comment with their BE username, 500 credits to the second and 100 credits to the third. This offer is only available until noon tomorrow.

I'm also going to share with you my very first post here. Most people start their blogs off with a welcome post but mine was a ghost story. So enjoy!

Bunnyman Bridge
I'm sure some of you have even heard of Bunnyman Bridge from the show "Scariest Places on Earth." It is located in Fairfax, Virginia on Colchester Road. Now there are various stories about the Bunnyman but most conclude that he loved bunnies, of course, and also children. Some say he was a lunatic that escaped from a nearby asylum and nourished himself mainly on rabbits, leaving their dead carcasses to be found. Others say that he always dressed up as a rabbit when he killed his victims always with an axe and left them hanging near the bridge. The most common story that I have found is this:

In 1904, there was an insane asylum near a small town in Virginia. The townspeople didn't like it so close to them so they took a vote and decided to move the asylum somewhere else. While transporting the occupants, the bus broke down near the bridge and they all escape. They were all found and captured except for one. All the police found were dead rabbits which they concluded that was what he was eating to stay alive, but the guy was never found dead or alive.

Some have stated that if you go to the bridge and say 'Bunnyman' three times, he will make himself known to you in some way. But do know that even if he doesn't, you will still be watched upon entering the bridge. The local police installed surveillance cameras due to its fame. Here's the question: Do you dare to find out if the stories are true? Or maybe some of you already know.

Source: The Center for Paranormal Research and Investigation


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